White Blank Page


When I look up from my blank computer screen or paper, I can look out the window (beautiful but sometimes distracting) or at my bulletin board (ugly and sometimes depressing). My bulletin board is not as blank as it was when I first arrived, but I would love to have something lively to hang up there and inspire me. If you have small(ish) children, I would welcome their artwork or letters, as well as their book and music recommendations. I also accept photographs, postcards, tiny animals, books, adult beverages, homemade cookies, and gifts of all sizes. You can send me mail c/o VSC by the overworked yet reliable U.S. Postal Service (P.O. Box 613, Johnson, VT, 05656) or the recently maligned UPS and FedEx (80 Pearl Street, Johnson, VT, 05656). I leave VSC on January 31st.

Also, if you are someone who happens to have my email address or telephone number, you should know that both my cell service and my internet access are somewhat precarious. If you send me an email, I will definitely get it sometime that day. I may or may not be able to take your call or call you, but I can almost always receive and send texts. It is very hard to use Twitter and Tumblr, since the internet is shared by so many people, so you may not see me on those sites as often as usual. And you will see me on Facebook as often as you ever do, which is to say rarely if ever.

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